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Friday, August 15, 2014

"You’re one more worship after No before a lifetime of Yes."
~John Gray

John Gray Deeper 2014 8/15/14


How many are willing to say Yes to God?
God whatever it is – Yes.
Yes is a dangerous word.
Its easy to worship when God says yes.
When God showed up and gave you what you need.
But this is a deeper conference and God wants us to grow up.
And get away from the Santa Claus mentality.
God disciplines and develops us.
If you’re a worship leader you must know God on different levels.
If you want to see how you’ve matured, see where your worship is after God says NO.
2 Samuel
What do you do when God says no?
You lead people in worship who need something from God.
How do you respond when God doesn’t do what you want Him to do?
2 Sam 12:19
This wasn’t regular creeping, this was with the wife of David’s right hand man, military advisor.
That made David’s indiscretion that much worse.
David and Samson were both powerful dudes who loved women.
But their stories ended differently.
No matter how powerful you are you make mistakes.
David had friends who would tell him the truth.
David received the word of Nathan and repented.
He even named one of his sons Nathan.
The baby born from the unholy connection died.
Unsaved people can get away with stuff we can’t.
Nothing keeps you humble like knowing your stuff
John doesn’t like those Christians who can’t speak to people because they’ve arrived.
I can’t come out the green room right now.
Christian Stars…
David fasted and prayed but the baby died.
He headed to the temple and worshipped.
What kind of character does it take to hear the worst news ever, wash up, and go to the temple and worship?
How can you worship after NO?
Where did he develop the discipline to worship after NO?
We still sing David’s songs but they weren’t always songs of victory.
He sang not when it was all good, but after a no.
He sang it in the Valley of the shadow of death.
If there’s a shadow that means there’s a light nearby.
Do you have enough oil when its not going your way?
Its not the good times that make you, it’s the ability to praise thru the broken moments.
How do you develop the ability to praise thru the middle of your pain?
If God doesn’t do it in 60 seconds we want to say it’s the devil but no.
God wants you to develop the character to wait on Him.
What was it that made David develop the discipline to worship after NO?
David said I was born in sin, shaped in iniquity.
Maybe David and his brothers didn’t have the same mother?
His brothers didn’t like him.
His father didn’t even acknowledge him.
Left him in the field.
Anyone in here ever been overlooked? Undervalued?
[Been around] Oil leeches who want to steal what you do and claim it.
It’s in the valley when no one can see and you’ve been surrounded by no and closed doors and reminders of what you did wrong, and the voice of the enemy that character is developed.
It’s not a season its a lifestyle.
David was outside in the fields.
Its the fields that develop your character.
Rev 3:8
If the door is closed it’s not your door.
If you have to knock it’s not your door.
It’s the season of open doors.
You've been overlooked long enough.
Because you could worship thru a NO now Gods YES has arrived.
The oil didn’t flow until David got into the house.
You can’t miss your opportunity because it’s your opportunity.
7 is the number of completion.
Because David could worship thru No God could trust him with a YES.
This is the season when you thank God and keep on worshipping.
NO tenderizes your spirit.
Sometimes even the prophet can’t see you.
Samuel didn’t recognize David.
Whether they see you or not you worship God.
When John tells his 2 year old no all he sees is the discipline; he doesn’t understand the protection behind it.
Don’t get married because you’re lonely.
We are one NO away…
David developed it in the fields when all he heard was NO and rejection.
2 Samuel 20:18
Michel had a problem with David's worship.
Because she didn’t understand Who he was worshipping.
Don’t curse the worship; God will make your womb barren.
Nothing exposes your motives like no.
We need to show God that this is not a conditional relationship.
Psalm 34 I will bless the Lord at ALL times.
Can you still lift your hands when it doesn’t make sense?
I will still praise God no matter what I’m going through.
Gods goodness is not predicated upon my present condition; He’s still worthy.
I know enough about Who I’m worshipping to know that this NO is better for me right now.
Even Jesus had to worship after NO.
HE was in Garden and it was about to go down.
Judas is headed his way.
Peter, James, & John = Law replaced by grace
Matthew 26:39
By the 3rd No from God the troops had arrived.
Surrounded by the enemy, and you’ve heard No from God - what do you do?
You have to trust that Gods NO is best.
If you try to turn Gods no into a yes it’s a mess.
Some think No is an indictment of your identity.
Its actually confirmation of your destiny.
I AM He.
Fully God and fully man.
The No of God is to reveal who you are to the earth.
Can you worship after No?
We’re the only ones who can worship after NO.
Angels can’t even worship after NO.
We mess up every day and He still wants to hear from us.
Why does my worship matter?
Its the one thing God can’t give himself.
God cannot worship.
In order to worship you have to have something higher than yourself.
He is the Most High God.
You’re one more worship after No before a lifetime of Yes.
The next time it doesn’t go your way don’t pout – worship.
I will worship after NO.
When it looks like all hope is gone I will worship after NO.
If you can get thru that NO, Yes is on the other side.
The discipline of NO is trusting the One who said it.
It requires faith to worship when you don’t get what you want.
Job asked God about the loss of his children, etc.
God didn’t answer Job because He does not answer to us.
Some of us need No so we don’t have a candy relationship with God
and only love him for His sweetness.
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