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Friday, August 15, 2014

"God said Sheryl I AM the man in your life.
And I will open every door for you in your life.
Don't you try to open it, let Me open it."
~Sheryl Brady

Sheryl Brady is a worship leader and pastor at The Potter's House in North Dallas, Texas.
She shared messages at the Deeper Conference of Grace Church in Humble, Texas for worship leaders.
These are my notes from her message on Friday 8/15/14.

It blessed me to know I don't have to go through you to get to God.
Because God is so accessible Sheryl felt like God's favorite only child.
You should think that about yourself as well.
Traveling around the world exposed Sheryl to the bigness of God.
It made her realize she'd put God in a box.
He's the God of the universe.
He is a global God and He loves ALL of us.
With you or without you I AM still God.
Whether you call Me God or not.
I AM whatever you need Me to be.
When you're a real worshipper it takes time to worship.
He's the heathen's God, and the atheist's...
He loves all the people.
He is the God that loves the entire world.
He told Isaac I AM so big no chair can hold me.
I'd rather you waste my money than my time, because I can always get more money but I cannot get more time.
Everybody doesn't deserve a front seat in your life.
I am a limited commodity.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
Don't let other people waste your time.
I don't have to answer every text, respond to every email, or take every call.
I care, but I care carefully.
I don't have to walk into every open door.
Every open door is not a blessing.
God said Sheryl I AM the man in your life.
And I will open every door for you in your life.
Don't you try to open it, let Me open it.
I'm going to run out of me trying to take care of you.
I'm human.
Sheryl doesn’t want to be perfect all the time.
God hears all your prayers.
God understands what that tear means.
Prayer is a privilege.
He lets me talk my way into His presence.
Real prayer is something that you can feel in the atmosphere.
Not asking for a new house or car.
It's an ongoing conversation with God, all throughout the day.
God gave Solomon a blank check.
Ask Me for anything. [2 Chronicles 1:7]
The vehicle of prayer is how heaven comes down and invades earth.
Solomon was sovereignly placed in a blessing.
Lord You let me in where others were trying to hold me back.
Look what the Lord has done.
When God does something for you in your life, you move beyond gestures like just saying "Hallelujah".
Real praise says, Lord thank You for hiding me until I was ready.
It was memory that makes me worship.
You cannot be self-conscious and God-conscious at the same time.

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