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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

"God cannot bless who you pretend to be."
~Steven Furtick of Elevation Church


These are notes from Steven Furtick's message shared at the Deeper Conference at Grace Church in Humble, Texas on Wednesday August 13, 2014.


Death to Selfie Series

Genesis 32:22-29
Callings are complicated.
God does things when you're alone.
Nobody embodies selflessness like Jacob.
Yet he was conflicted.
The 1st time we see Jacob he's already wrestling.
Genesis 25:21-
When God is about to birth something there will be jostling in the womb.
Esau was a hairy Chewbacca baby.
Jacob was named for something he was doing before he was conscious.
Trying to get ahead.
Ultimate example of "me first".
Some of us go after position the way Jacob grabbed after heels.
Don't approach ministry that way.
Me first never works.
The 1st shall be last.
When you spend all your time going after an illusion you're miserable.
Luke 9:25 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self?
Some of you are getting what you want at the expense of yourself.
What good is it to get there and dislike you?
Steve doesn't care where he speaks, he doesn't want to just hype a crowd.
Jacob gets Esau's birthright for soup.
Genesis 27
Isaac is old & can't see well.
Esau was Duck Dynasty and Jacob was soft.
Jacob and Esau were 76 yes old at this point!
Can't blame it all on mom.
Jacob blamed his lie on God - How did he get the meat so fast? The Lord gave me success. [vs 20]
Vs 24
God cannot bless who you pretend to be.
God cannot anoint your avatar.
What good is it if you convince everyone else ...
Jacob ran away and still got blessed, but are you really blessed if you had to run away from home?
Jacob wasn't really blessed until Genesis 32.
Perseverance is awesome but he realized he was with someone who could really bless him.
Gen 32:26 Then the man said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”
Let go of the costume and maybe you can be blessed.
I want Your power/presence Lord.
Future Furtick is awesome but he's not here yet.
So Fake Furtick shows up to get a blessing.
Jacob was 97 when he wrestled with God.
No wonder his hip was out of joint.
Gen 32:27
Who is it?
That's the same thing Isaac asked him.
That time he said Esau - fake.
Now Jacob's on the way home and must face Esau.
Jacob got blessed because he finally said his name.
The place where he wrestled was called Face of God.
Once he said his name & acknowledged who he was He changed his name.
Israel means victorious in God.
Some came to make a name for yourself.
God brought you here to show you your name.
Gen 32:28
Later we see Jacob goes by both names.
You'd think if God renamed you that you'd only use the new name.
But change is complicated.
Steven uses the Evernote app which syncs all his devices.
But sometimes there is conflicting information because his phone wasn't connected to the network.
Vs 29 tell me your name.
Nope, He beats him up and leaves.
Jacob had already met God at Bethel.
But Jacob had to know who he was.
God came to reveal Jacob to himself.
Exodus 3:13 Moses asked God who He was.
Vs 15 God called him Jacob.
I want the world to know I'm the God of Jacob too.
I'm your God when you're struggling too.
You're not going to get a real blessing until you expose that shady side of yourself.
I'm not letting You go until You bless me.
I'm hurting and I'm struggling but I want to be blessed by You.
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