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Sunday, June 29, 2014

"God wouldn’t let you get into it if He couldn’t get you out of it."
~ Pastor Joel Osteen

Sunday June 29, 2014 at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX

Joke: Minister finished fiery sermon on self-control. He said, "If I had all beer in world – I’d throw in the river!" He said the same of all wine & whiskey. Closing song: Shall we gather at the River.

This is my bible…

Key Scripture: Exodus 14:18

Today I want to talk about how you’re coming out.
We all face situations that look permanent.
It’s easy to think “It’ll always be this way.”
Just because it seems permanent to us doesn’t mean it’s permanent to God.
God wouldn’t let you get into it if He couldn’t get you out of it.
Even if you brought it on yourself.
He had the solution before you had the problem.
God’s saying “It’s temporary.”
You’re coming out of sickness, debt, loneliness, legal troubles…
It didn’t come to stay; it came to pass.
God’s already planning your coming out party.
In Job it says God has set an end to the difficulty. [Job 28:3]
God is the alpha and omega.
He’s already set an end to the addiction, sickness, etc.
Thoughts may say “It’s never gonna change.”
Remind yourself “I won’t always be lonely.”
God has set an end.
God has promotion and abundance coming my way.
This child won’t always cause me heartache.
This addiction, these bad habits won’t hinder me my whole life.
That’s what happened to a young lady Joel met.
She had cocaine habit for 14 years.
She did everything in her own strength to quit but couldn’t.
She wasn’t religious but watched Lakewood on TV.
She started praying in the morning and acknowledging God.
God I need You.
For months she didn’t see change.
But one morning while praying joy and peace came over her.
She wept and it cleansed her.
From that moment she lost all desire for cocaine.
No withdrawals – instant deliverance.
Joel saw her again and she looked totally different.
Healthy and smiling.
She came into the end date set by the Creator of the universe.
There will come a date when God will say enough is enough.
I didn’t create my child to suffer but to be free.
God may have allowed it but He wouldn’t let you get into it if He couldn’t get you out of it.
That end date could be today.
What if you knew that on 8/22 of this year that was the final day?
You wouldn’t be discouraged.
You’d act like it was going to happen.
That’s what faith is about – believing before seeing.
Some may ask if you’re still dealing with the problem.
Yes I’m still dealing but I’m coming out.
I’m getting better.
The number of my days God will fulfill. [Exodus 23:26]
It’s only temporary; I will lend and not borrow.
I’m still there but I’m coming out.
God is opening doors no man can shut.
Where you are is not where you’re staying.
You’re coming out of depression into joy.
You’re coming out of bad breaks into the favor of God.
David said though I walk through the valley of the shadow… [Psalm 23:4]
I’m coming out of this valley.
The valley is temporary.
It’s not your permanent home.
If you let it become permanent in your thinking it’ll keep you from your destiny.
Don’t think “I’ll always have this problem.”
Pack up your belongings; the valley is not your home.
You are not a citizen of the valley.
You are not a citizen of death or mediocrity.
You may be there for a season but your day of departure has already been set.
You may be in valley of sickness right now.
Medical report doesn’t look good.
But your ticket says good health.
Valley of loneliness?
Your ticket says divine connections are coming.
Valley of disappointment?
Don’t stay discouraged.
Your ticket says beauty for ashes.
What was meant for your harm will work out for your good.
Zechariah said if you’ll stay in hope, God will pay you back double.
Friend of Joel recently lost her father.
She’s in the valley grieving now.
We’re not supposed to stay in the valley.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. [Psalm 30:5]
Your ticket says new beginnings.
Don’t think you’ve seen your best days.
Psalm84:6 says passing through the valley of weeping you’ll find pools of blessing.
God will take your tears and turn them into pools to refresh you.
In Genesis15, God told Abraham I’m sending your people into a foreign land, where they will be enslaved.
It’s interesting that God is the one that sent them into slavery.
That doesn’t sound like a good deal.
That setback was a setup to do something greater.
God brought them back with more than they had before.
God will bring you out with great substance.
A friend of Joel’s car was stolen.
This was a young man and it was his first car ever.
He was on his way to school and the car was gone.
Police couldn’t find car but the family wasn’t worried.
They kept saying, “God is fighting for us.”
6 weeks later insurance paid him for the cost of the car.
His father had a nice high end sports car.
Friend of father said I want to give you something.
This man gave his father an expensive luxury car.
He gave his sports car to his son.
Before stolen car; the young man had a car payment.
After stolen; he and father had better cars, no payments!
Psalm 66:12 says we went thru the fire, thru the floods, but you brought us into abundance.
God is going to do more than you can ask or think.
God could’ve kept the car from being stolen.
God wouldn’t have allowed it unless ultimately it would work for your good.
In Exodus 14 God hardened Pharaoh’s heart.
God planned it to receive great glory at Pharaoh’s expense.
God allows certain enemies to come against you so He can bring you out better off.
When you beat the cancer, accomplish your dreams…
All will know it was the favor of God.
He wants to make you an example of His goodness.
We want to pray God keep me from all opposition and trouble.
But our character is developed in the tough times.
And then we get to see the greatness of God.
You may not be doing anything wrong; God may just want to show out in your life.
Jesus saw man blind from birth. [John9:1-3]
Nobody sinned; he was born this way so the glory of God could be seen through him.
That man was a testimony to the goodness of God.
When council members voted on whether Compaq center was there, company sued them 2 weeks before vote.
It was a huge powerful company.
It was like David versus Goliath.
Joel read Exodus 14: When I get through with Pharaoh, all of Egypt will know I’m God.
It was God saying, “Joel stay in faith and when I give you that building all will know it was your God that gave it to you.”
Many said, “Look at what the Lord has done.”
Your situation may look bad.
Get ready; you’re a prime candidate for God to show Himself strong.
You will give Him great glory at the expense of your enemies.
God caused Pharaoh’s heart to harden.
That tells me God’s in control of our enemies.
Saul had to get permission to persecute the Christians. [Acts9]
He got papers from the high priest and was on his way to imprison the believers.
As he was traveling a bright light knocked him off his horse.
At times God gives the enemy permission to test us.
God can stop the cancer.
God can end the family trouble.
The Legal situation.
Many years ago Joel was on freeway in the rain and lost control of his car.
His car was spun around and he was going the wrong direction on the freeway.
There was an 18 wheeler bearing down on him.
That truck should’ve run over him.
Enemy had the papers in his hand.
Somehow the truck missed him.
Driver pulled over and looked like he’d seen a ghost.
Said “Boy you must be living right.”
Said it felt like a big gust of wind picked up his whole truck and moved him one lane over just in the knick of time.
What am I saying?
Whatever comes against you – God can stop it.
The enemy won’t have the last laugh - you will.
In Psalm 129 David said from youth enemies persecuted me but haven’t been able to finish me off.
God has the final say.
And He’s saying you’re coming out better off than you were before.
There’s a little fish called Moses Sole.
Sharks typically would eat this kind of fish.
All the other fish that size got eaten.
It has unique defense system.
It releases poisonous toxins that cause shark’s jaws to freeze.
Fish could swim inside shark’s mouth and not get bitten.
As child of Most High God put something on you that won’t let you be defeated.
Isaiah said no weapon formed against you will ever prosper. [Isaiah54:17]
It may form, but God will stop it.
My enemies cannot finish me off.
God’s fighting your battles.
Shadrach, Meshach, & Adednego refused to bow down to idol. [Daniel3
Sometimes God will deliver you from the fire; other times God will make you fireproof.
It looked like it was over.
The only thing that fire burned was the cords holding them back.
Didn’t we throw 3 men in here? Why do I see 4 men and one looks like a Son of God?
When they came out the fire King Nebuchadnezzar said we’ll all worship their God.
You may feel like you're in the fire now.
It’s temporary.
You’re coming out better off.
All your family, friends, and enemies will know you have the favor of God.
The end of the difficulty has already been set.
It could happen this week.
Get up every morning thanking God.
The tide of the battle is turning.
Plan your coming out party.
Great joy, great victories are in your future in Jesus name.

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