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Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Learn to be happy where you are, but don’t settle where you are."

Lakewood Church Sun June 15, 2014,   11 am
Pastor Joel Osteen

There were two farmers: a positive farmer and a negative farmer. Whenever it would rain the positive farmer would say, “Thank goodness for the rain – now we don’t even have to water the crops.” The negative farmer would say, “If this keeps up it will rot their roots and we won’t have any crops to harvest”. The sun would come out and the positive farmer would say, “Thank goodness for the sunshine. Now our crops are getting the vitamins and minerals they really need.” The negative farmer would say, “If this keeps up it will scorch them and we won’t be able to make a living.” One day they went hunting together and the positive farmer brought along his new bird dog. Once they were out in the middle of a lake in a boat, the positive farmer took aim and shot a bird. He then turned to the negative farmer and said, “Watch this.” The bird dog jumped out of the boat and miraculously ran on top of the water, picked up the bird, turned around and ran back to the boat on top of the water, before setting the bird perfectly in the boat in front of the positive farmer. The positive farmer looked at the negative farmer and asked, “What do you think?” The negative farmer shook his head and said, “Just as I thought, that dog can’t even swim.”

Key Scripture: Isaiah 49:6


We all have dreams and goals.
We do our best to stretch our faith and believe.
It would be big if we saw our dreams come to pass.
But God created the whole universe.
His dreams are much bigger than ours.
If I could pay off my house…
God wants to bless you so you can pay others houses off as well.
If my children would get on the right course…
God wants to make them mighty in the Kingdom.
I want to get back on my feet.
That’s too small
We think ordinary; God thinks extraordinary.
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, Ephesians 3:20
A touch of God’s favor can take you further than you could go on your own.
God didn’t create you for a little life.
He told the Israelites I’m bringing you into a wide spacious land.
Don’t get comfortable where you are.
Learn to be happy where you are but don’t settle where you are.
God greatest victories are in the future not the past.
You haven’t touched the surface of what God has in store.
You’ll see explosive blessings.
What you think is big right now…
One day you’ll look back and realize that was a small thing.
Joseph was convicted and put in prison.
His dream was to one day be free.
That’s too small.
I’m going to make you ruler over the whole nation.
Joel’s sure there were nights when Joseph looked at the stars and was amazed by what God had done.
Whatever you’re praying about may be big in your mind, but small to God.
God I’m so lonely; at this point I’ll take anybody.
You may be willing to settle but God isn’t.
God wants to bring someone amazing into your life.
The only way it works is if you let the seed take root.
Don’t talk yourself out of it.
You don’t have to figure it out; all you have to do is believe.
When the Israelites were slaves that had to make bricks with impossible quotas.
Then they had to find their own straw as well.
They had been pushed down for so long they had a limited vision.
Praying for more straw was praying to be a better slave.
I created you as the head and not the tail.
Too often we’re praying to become a better slave.
Just give me a roof over my head and I’ll be happy.
Help me learn to live with this depression.
No that’s not your depression.
You’re destined to leave a mark on this generation.
God has a big life for you.
Bringing you to a place of abundance.
Not to make you a better slave but to set you totally free.
Free form depression, poverty and lack.
No matter where you are - it’s too small.
God has more for you.
He’s going to thrust you into a new level.
God is speaking to your spirit about your destiny.
Isaiah 49 God was telling him about his future.
How he would be a great prophet.
Isaiah said I’ll do it, I’ll help restore the Israelites.
God said “It’s too small to just restore Israel; I’ll make you a light…”
he says: “It is too small a thing for you to be my servant to restore the tribes of Jacob and bring back those of Israel I have kept. I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” Isaiah 49:6
I AM going to super size what you’re thinking about.
You won’t just touch a nation; you’ll touch nations.
Sometimes our visions are limited.
God is saying to you what you have in mind is too small.
Your goal/plan is part of it but what God has planned would boggle your mind.
It’s going to be much greater than you imagined.
There are God sized dreams you haven’t even thought about.
You’ll go beyond your parents.
Don’t put it on auto-pilot.
Good enough is not your destiny.
God wants you to be blessed with such abundance you can be a blessing to others.
Don’t get stuck in this glory; there’s another glory coming.
The right people will show up.
Doors will open.
Talents will come out.
In 1938 a 17 yr old boy was selling popcorn at a movie theater in Texas.
He was happy to have a job.
God mercifully looked down and said it’s too small for John Osteen to work in a theater.
I’ve destined him to leave a mark on his generation.
Lakewood started Mothers Day 1959 with 90 people.
John was happy but God said that’s too small.
People from around the world started coming to Lakewood.
John thought the theater job was like hitting the lottery.
God sees what you can’t.
It’s too small; I’ve got more in store.
You wouldn’t be alive unless God has something in store.
David was keeping the sheep faithfully.
God said David this is too small for you.
He defeated Goliath and became a national hero.
Then he was chosen to serve the king in the palace.
David probably thought this is fantastic.
But God didn’t create us to reach one level and stop.
In our mind it could be huge.
God did more than I could ask or think.
Meanwhile God is thinking you haven’t seen anything yet.
David became the king.
God you’ve amazed me with your goodness.
I’ll put your descendants on the throne for 1000 years.
God loves you too much to let you stay where you are.
At times making you uncomfortable to get you to the fullness of your destiny.
In high school Joel worked at Lakewood in the mail room.
After college he started the video ministry.
He loved it.
Did his best to make the Lakewood broadcasts great.
He thought that’s how he’d spend his life.
But in 1999 he knew he was supposed to step up and pastor.
But first thing he cancelled the TV services.
Victoria convinced him to stay on the air.
Joel was shocked that people actually listened to him.
The church grew!
Joel thought maintaining what his parents built would be big.
Joel’s big was to maintain; God’s BIG was to multiply.
Our big is to get promotion; God’s big is to own your own company.
When Pastor John went home to be with the LORD they had an 8000 seat church.
But God had a Compaq center in store.
When Joel thought he’d reached his dreams God always said that’s too small.
There are new opportunities coming your way.
Whatever you’re dreaming about; God’s going to super size it.
Are you ready?
Are you in agreement?
There’s about to be an abundance of rain.
That’s what happened to Joel’s friend.
He grew up in small town in Kentucky.
He had dream to help others.
As 10 year old boy he saw TV program about needy children.
He mowed lawns to support a child.
He did it on his own.
He didn’t even tell his parents.
God said supporting one child is too small.
He became a doctor.
He told suppliers he was helping children overseas in his spare time.
They started giving him things for the children.
Dr. Todd Price has helped vaccinate over 15 million children.
And donated over 1 billion dollars in supplies.
God knows how to super size your dreams.
A billion dollars later God is still saying that’s too small.
Why don’t you take the limits off Him?
You have friends in high places.
You come from the right family.
You’re a child of the Most High God.
Start taking steps of faith.
Do what you can and God will do what you can’t.
Ruth’s husband was killed in battle.
She and mother in law moved to another city.
She picked up leftover wheat in the field to sustain herself.
The field owner liked her and told workers leave handfuls on purpose for Ruth.
Ruth was pleased but it was too small for God.
They fell in love and got married.
Ruth never had to pick up leftovers again.
That’s God’s dream for you – to bring you into overflow.
Ruth was content picking up the leftovers.
Ruth was faithful where she was but she didn’t settle where she was.
God doesn’t want you to live off leftovers.
You have royalty in your veins.
Don’t let it become permanent.
The forces for you are greater than the forces against you.
You’ll come into your handfuls on purpose and explosive blessings.
Have a big vision.
Make room for God to do something new.
God thinks big.
God thinks overflow.
Deut 1:11 May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!
Can you receive it?
A thousand times more creativity? Influence? Resources?
God wants your children to be mighty in the land.
John Osteen started Lakewood with 90 people.
Over 90,000 people have come thru Lakewood.
That’s a 1000 times more.
God knows how to line up your handfuls on purpose.
Don’t pray to be a better slave.
God isn’t thinking maintain; he’s thinking multiplication.


‘May the LORD bless you and keep you.
May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the LORD show you his favor and give you his peace.’
Numbers 6:24-26

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