If we can encourage others, we should encourage them. Romans 12:8

Monday, December 15, 2014

"It’s better to become who God created you to be than to try to promote yourself to become something you’re not."
Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church, Sunday December 14, 2014

VICTORIA'S WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT Victoria had idea to give homeless women baskets of toiletries. Told God “I will do what You say”. He gave her opportunity to speak to women about a homeless shelter. Not baskets. Had to let go of her idea for God’s idea. The women were impacted by Victoria’s speech. God had stretched her to a new level with His idea. Ask God to give you another opportunity. To make up lost time. God wants to restore those things that were lost. But don’t look behind. Press forward. God will give you another opportunity. You’ve grown. You’ve changed. You’re prepared. Will it be hard? Probably. God wants people to be sharpened by you. God will open the doors and show you some big things.


JOKE: Pastor versus choir director
Matthew 6:4 so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


Joel’s friend is equipment manager for pro ball team.
Team often arrives in middle of the night and he has to go to arena sometimes at 2 am.
He studies each player and what they like.
Gets their lockers to their liking.
He’s so dedicated.
He said to Joel I’m invisible but I’m invaluable.
Nobody sees me but I know I matter.
I’m secure enough in who I am that I can be comfortable behind the scenes.
I’m content to make others look good.
When you have this attitude you’re sowing a seed.
Pushing people up.
And when it’s your time to shine God will make sure someone is there to push you up.
But you must pass test of being invisible.
But I’m doing all the work at my company.
You’re not working on to people but on to God.
This verse talks about what you give in secret God will reward you for in the open.
Making your supervisor look good.
Going out of your way to help others excel.
You’ll be ok being invisible.
Just remember you’re invaluable.
That person you’re investing in wouldn’t shine as bright without you.
They may even think they did it on their own.
That’s ok, God sees it.
God sees every seed.
Every one of us should be invisible in somebody’s life.
Not looking for credit.
Not announcing “hey everybody look at what I’m doing”.
Do it quietly in humility on to God.
Many people are behind the scenes making this service happen.
Their names are not on the sign but they’re invaluable.
You have to accept the role that God has given you.
If you don’t you’ll compete with others.
God puts people in our lives so we can help them succeed.
I realize my role in your story is to help you shine.
To use my gifts to help you move further.
God put them there on purpose so you could help push them into their destiny.
The right attitude is “God I will do my best to make them look good.”
We were created to help others.
One of the greatest joys is to help somebody else succeed.
God won’t ask you if you kept up with your relatives or had more stuff than your neighbors.
Did you fulfill your destiny?
Jonathan the son of Saul wasn’t chosen as king.
His BFF David was chosen instead.
Jonathan was so secure that he went out of his way to help David.
Gave him inside info to keep him safe.
Behind the scenes Jonathan was keeping him safe.
He could’ve thought – this guy took my spot.
No, he knew his role in David’s story was to push him forward.
He knew as he helped push David towards his destiny he was pushing himself towards his own destiny.
It’s better to become who God created you to be than to try to promote yourself to become something you’re not.
That would be a constant struggle.
Without grace on your life.
But there is an anointing to fulfill your destiny.
God will make sure there’s a Jonathan in your life.
When you sow into other people don’t ever feel like I’ve fallen behind.
When you’re sowing into others you’re sowing into your own dreams.
Paving the way for your own destiny.
David wasn’t raised in royalty.
He came from a poor family of shepherds living in the desert.
Jonathan took David under his wing and taught him the protocol.
Behind the scenes helping his friend David.
Not competing with him.
People saw David shining and rising to new heights.
What they didn’t see was his good friend Jonathan who was supposed to be king, helping David shine behind the scenes.
Often we think let me be a David.
A hero of faith.
We should aspire to do great things, but let me be a Jonathan.
And push somebody into their destiny.
Let me realize that it’s ok to play a smaller role.
Help me to not be jealous.
Let me be behind the scenes and help someone else look better.
True greatness is not how bright you shine but how bright you make others shine.
Years later King David was reminiscing about Jonathan.
Did Jonathan have any relatives living that he could be good to?
David gave his crippled son property and made him live in the palace.
That harvest will come back to you or yours.
You will never truly be fulfilled if you’re only focused on yourself.
Celebrate other people’s success.
If you have a setback people will come running.
But too often when you succeed people can become so competitive.
Let’s be people that celebrate others success.
If you can’t be happy for others success you won’t get to that level.
Don’t be jealous because your cousin married somebody way over her head.
When Joel took over for his father many ministers came forth and encouraged him.
But as the minister grew some went from a Jonathan to a Saul.
Saul couldn’t handle David’s success.
When the people sang Saul killed thousands but David killed ten thousands…
Saul never looked at David the same way again.
He loved David as a young man.
The problem came when people said David was more talented.
If you’re going to reach your highest potential you have to be happy for the people that pass you by.
Can you handle being number 2?
Pass that test of being happy for people who rise higher.
It’s the sovereignty of God.
Favor is not fair.
Celebrate what God has done in somebody else’s life.
God blessing them doesn’t mean He can’t promote you.
God never runs out of favor.
But if you become a Saul and get jealous it will keep you from your destiny.
God lifts up one and sets down another.
There’s a place where you’re in your sweet spot.
That’s why Jonathan wasn’t frustrated; he was in his sweet spot.
You don’t have to be David to be fulfilled.
You don’t have to be a king to be happy.
What you have to offer is invaluable.
When you keep a pure, right heart you’re passing the test.
And God will take you from being invisible to being visible.
Joel was content behind the scenes for many years.
He liked making his father look good.
He did his best to make his father shine.
He was invisible but he knew he was fulfilling his purpose.
He wasn’t thinking ‘I will take over one day’.
Joel isn’t any happier today in front of us than when he was behind the scenes.
When you’re secure in what God made you, you can be content wherever you are.
You don’t have to promote yourself.
Keep honoring God.
When it’s your time to be promoted God will do it.
Elisha spent time taking care of Elijah.
He was comfortable being invisible.
At one point Elisha said go away.
But he knew his destiny was tied to him.
After years of being invisible Elijah was to be taken to heaven.
Elisha had been faithful all those years.
Elisha took over and performed twice as many miracles as Elijah.
In Mark 2 there was a paralyzed man who couldn’t walk for years.
4 friends took him on a stretcher.
House was too crowded.
They were determined.
They went through the roof and lowered the man.
When Jesus saw their faith, He healed the man.
Not just the man’s faith but his invisible friends.
When you’re behind the scenes God sees what you’re doing.
Your faith can help a loved one get well.
That are times in life we have to carry someone.
They don’t have the faith they need right now.
God will use us to carry a friend.
Pastor John wasn’t raised with spiritual upbringing.
His friend Sam Martin was always inviting him to church.
Telling him he had a destiny to fulfill.
Sam was carrying John when he didn’t have faith.
God saw Sam carrying his father.
When John was 17 he was coming home from a nightclub at 2 am.
He looked at the stars and thought about his destiny.
Went to church with Sam the next morning.
He wanted to receive Christ but was scared to go alone.
Sam went with him.
John became a prominent pastor while Sam remained invisible.
Where would Joel be if Sam Martin hadn’t been willing to carry his father?
They may not have the faith they need right now.
Lord help us be able to carry others and not get the credit.
Be content to play your role.
God is keeping the records.
You will rise higher.
Fulfill your destiny and become everything God created you to be.


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