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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Remember when life counts you out, God counts you in."
~Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church Sunday 12/7/14

1 Samuel 16:7

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


It’s easy to feel disqualified.
By our mistakes, negative words...
Even our own thoughts.
We’re writing ourselves off.
The prophet came to Jesse’s house to choose the next king.
7 sons.
Samuel was going to choose the big muscular oldest Eliab.

1 Sam 16:7
God spoke to Samuel and said it wasn't Eliab.
Samuel told Jesse it wasn’t any of the 6 sons presented.
Jesse didn't even include his son David in the lineup.
In Jesse’s mind David didn’t count.
No use even bringing him in.
The moment Samuel saw David he said that’s the one.
I’m sure the brothers were shocked.
David was counted by the Creator.
You may not have the most talent, or the best looks but you’ve been counted by the One who matters the most.
When God created you He put in you everything you need to fulfill your destiny.
If you needed to be taller you’d be taller.
If you needed more talent you’ve have more talent.
You’ve been fearfully and wonderfully made.
He’s qualified you, now don’t disqualify yourself.
Your relative or friend may have more looks/talent, but you’re not running their race.
If you go thru life feeling like you’re lacking -
Even though God has qualified you are disqualifying yourself.
Sometimes like with David, it’s others counting us out.
That’s what happened to John Osteen.
Came from poverty.
He had a dream to touch the world.
Become a minister.
His family said you’re making a big mistake.
We’re just cotton farmers.
Stay here and pick cotton with us.
John knew he was destined to do something great but they couldn’t see it.
If you allow it, people will put their limitations on you.
People don’t determine our destiny – God does.
People don’t set the limits for our lives.
God didn’t put the dream in them; He put the dream in you.
They’ll try to tell you that you don’t have what it takes.
The one who spoke worlds in existence counts you in when they count you out.
He says you will leave your mark on this generation.
Luke 9
Jesus had been teaching people all day.
They were all hungry.
Jesus told disciples to feed the people.
All they could find was a little boy’s lunch.
There were 5,000 men there that day – probably 15,000 in total.
The one that wasn’t counted had the miracle.
They counted the men, but not the children.
Back then, women were seen as 2nd class citizens.
One of the 5,000 men some could’ve had a lunch.
But God chose this child to let us know that when people don’t count you He does.
Sometimes life will say I’m not going to count you; you’ve made too many mistakes.
Make you feel like there’s nothing good in your future.
Remember when life counts you out, God counts you in.
When Pastor John died Joel didn’t think he could minister.
Others didn’t think he could do it either.
But God said you can do it.
The great I AM writes you in.
He created you to excel.
To leave your fingerprint.
You have a destiny to fulfill.
John Osteen was the least likely one to do something great.
Paul said in Corinthians God deliberately chooses the least likely to confound the wise.
You would think of all those 5000 men there was one with an ice chest or something.
But God chose the weak to confound the strong.
Are you not excited about life?
Feeling weak?
You’re a prime candidate for God to do something great.
Do your part and get your passion back!
You have everything you need to fulfill your destiny.
You may feel like life has left you out.
God is for you.
He has the final say and He says I count you in.
God is about to multiply what you have.
Take you from the back to the front.
What God spoke over your life will come to pass.
That’s not just nice encouraging words – that’s a prophecy.
If you’ll receive it.
Lady dreamed of being actress but was short – under 5 feet.
Teachers said acting isn’t for you.
She could’ve moved on and tried something else, but she knew the principle God uses people that others count out.
Helen Hayes went on to become a great actress.
She played Mary Queen of Scotland – one of the tallest queens that ever lived.
Jeremiah said I’m too young, afraid to get in front of people.
Say not that you’re too young.
He was saying, I wouldn’t ask you to do it if I didn’t already know you had the ability.
If Joel had said I can’t pastor the church, I don’t have the right personality; he would’ve missed his destiny
You have the 5 loaves and the 2 fish.
God can take the little and multiply it.
You can have a little talent.
And God can take it and multiply it.
He can bring talent out of you that you didn’t know you had.
Don’t go around feeling like you’re at a disadvantage.
Other people may not have counted you, but the one who matters counts you in.
God will never ask you to do something and then not give you the ability to do it.
You have to believe it before you see it.
Pastor had a man secretly put a $100 bill in his wife’s bible.
During sermon he asked lady to give him $100 from her bible.
She kept saying she didn’t have it.
He kept asking until she opened it in frustration.
She was shocked and asked how did that get in there.
I put it in there.
God will never ask you for something without first putting it in you.
Voices will tell you that you can’t do it.
If you’ll take that step you’ll discover things in you.
The right attitude: I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
Say not I’ve reached my limits.
Man wanted to be a pastor but had serious stutter.
Went to prestigious school where teachers would time them.
It took him over 1 minute to get out “the”.
But God uses people that other people don’t count.
When God put the dream in your heart, He gave you the ability to do it.
The enemy would love for your gift to stay hidden.
He would love for your talent to never come out.
You can’t be weak, discouraged because you had a setback.
Say I’m in it to win it.
I will fulfill my destiny.
If you don’t talk to yourself the right way, negative thoughts will talk to you.
The friend would quote scriptures alone in his house.
No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
It didn’t happen overnight but little by little he got over it.
Today he’s the pastor of a successful church.
There will always be voices telling you that you’re not qualified.
Those are all lies telling you that you don’t count so the best of you never comes out.
Moses said I can’t do it I stutter.
God said who disqualified you?
Who told you that you don’t count?
1 Samuel 9:21
Samuel didn’t answer Saul
When we tell God why we can’t do it our excuses don’t faze God.
He knows what He put in you.
He sees the potential you’ve not yet tapped into.
He’s saying to you today I’ve called you to be a king/queen.
Lose the excuses and get into agreement with God
When God needed someone to save the Israeli spies He could’ve chosen anyone to help them.
But he chose a woman by the name Rahab.
A prostitute – not respected.
God doesn’t judge the way people judge.
God saw a diamond in the rough.
God looked down from heaven and said I want to use her.
God didn’t say “That lady is a notorious sinner."
God says I choose people that other people don’t use.
Rahab married a Jewish man; they had a son named Boaz.
Rahab is in the family line of Jesus Christ.
You may feel like you blew it, like you made mistakes.
But God says I want to make your life significant.
He’s already qualified you, now don’t disqualify yourself.
You’re redeemed, forgiven.
Vision is being restored.
Hope is rising.
You’ll become everything God intended you to be.
You’ll have everything God wanted you to have.
In Jesus name.

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