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Monday, March 9, 2015

"Is there something you’ve been asking God to change?
Until God removes it don’t let it steal your joy or sour your life."
Pastor Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church


Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 12:9

We can be blessed in many areas: health, family, job-
But have one thing/temptation in our lives.
One nagging health issue...
Outside we may seem fine but it’s nagging on the inside.

A Lakewood Prayer partner longs for a child and prays for others.
They bring their children back to show her, but her prayer goes unanswered.
Life is full of contradictions.
You’re helping others get well but you don’t get well.
If we’re honest we all have secret frustrations.
We know God could do it.
But it’s not happening.
We have to realize God is a sovereign God.
We won’t understand why everything happens.
We have to trust that God knows what’s best for us.
Keep the right attitude and it’ll work for you - not against you.

Apostle Paul wrote over half the New Testament.
But as effective as he was he had a thorn in his flesh.
He asked God 3 times to remove it.
Implored God to take it away.
God didn’t remove the thing.
He said My grace is sufficient.
My power shows up best in weakness.

Is there something you’ve been asking God to change?
Until God removes it don’t let it steal your joy/sour your life.
I won’t let this secret frustration frustrate me anymore.
I know You’ll change it at the right time.
And even if you don’t I’ll still trust You.
If you have to put up with that grouchy boss for the rest of your life you’re not going to complain.
If Paul had focused on the thorn and the why’s he wouldn’t have fulfilled his destiny.

Smith Wigglesworth had large meetings.
But he had kidney stones most of his life.
He had to leave services due to the great pain.
He’d just seen all these great miracles but he was denied.
He had the attitude Your grace is sufficient.
I won’t let this secret frustration keep me from my destiny.
You can’t be a weakling; you have to be a warrior.
God knows what He’s doing.
He is the Potter; we are the clay.
Fight the good fight of faith.
You have the grace you need for every situation.

Jesus told the man in John 5 to get up, take up his bed and walk.
God was saying this thing that’s held you back take it with you as a reminder of what I’ve done in your life.
The bed was a contradiction.
I’m healthy and healed; but I still have my bed.
It’s not a limitation; it’s a testimony of what God has done in my life.
Even though God frees you from certain things you may still have your bed.
The weakness, the temptations may not totally go away.
To remind you of where you came from.
To inspire you, not discourage you.
Joel was so nervous and insecure when he started ministering.
God didn’t make him into a different person.
He still has his bed.
Those weaknesses come back at times.
But they don’t intimidate him; they remind him of his dependence on God.

In the OT God told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the people go.
Moses wanted a sign.
The staff turned into a snake.
His hand turned leprous.
These signs were to give Moses confidence.
Moses said but I stutter.
Even after these great miraculous signs.
But God didn’t take away the stutter.
My grace is sufficient.
Are you waiting for God to remove something before you can be happy?
You don’t have to put your life on hold.
You have everything you need to fulfill your destiny.
Imperfections in clay vessels.
We all have them.
Whatever your thorn is – God’s grace is sufficient.
When it’s time for removal God will remove it.
God my life is in Your hands.
God I trust You.
If God isn’t removing it it’s not an accident.
Paul thought it was to keep him humble; but only God knew for sure.
Keep giving even though you’re not receiving.
Keep honoring God even though you’re not seeing things change.
Some things we can only learn thru experience.
Our faith is tried in the fire of affliction.
You can’t get stronger if you’re not put under any pressure.
It’s not working against you; it’s working for you.
You can’t be promoted without preparation.
God won’t give a 100 pound blessing to one who can only lift 50 pounds.
Your gifts can take you to a certain level but your character has to be able to keep you there.
Stay in faith.
Don’t get bitter.
Don’t give up on your dreams.
Even if the situation doesn’t change; you will change.
Your character is more important than your talent.
We can all trust God in the good times.
Can you trust him with the secret frustration?
Can God trust you?
Osteens started Lakewood with 90 people in 1979.
He put someone else in charge while he went on a crusade.
It was time to return but the people didn’t come.
Instead of the big crowds he was used to it was the same 90 people.
John didn’t understand it.
Something was changing; not the congregation size but his character.
He was proving to God that he would be faithful in the wilderness.
He gave his best to those 90 people.
1972 God opened up a faucet and people showed up from all over the city.
Maybe you’re doing the right thing but not seeing any growth.
If you’ll keep being your best something is happening on the inside.
Keep being good to others.
Keep having the spirit of excellence.
Too many get bitter, lose their passion and give up on their dreams.

Genesis 29
Rachel and Leah.
Jacob fell for Rachel at once.
She was beautiful in every way.
Laban made Jacob work for 7 years to get Rachel.
But Laban gave Jacob Leah instead of Rachel.
Rachel got the looks in the family.
Jacob worked another 7 years for Rachel.
Rachel had a secret frustration.
She wanted a baby but she was barren.
Her sister gave Jacob son after son.
But Leah also had a secret frustration; her husband loved Rachel more.
Everyone is dealing with a frustration.
Make up your mind you are not going to let it sour your life.
Do what you can; trust God to do what you can’t.
If I never have a child I’m still going to be happy.
Be at peace with who you are.
Years later God removed Rachel’s barrenness.

John Osteen struggled with high blood pressure most of his life.
God didn’t take it away.
But John never complained.
He had a made up mind.
The medicine made him dizzy.
He came in on Sundays and preached his heart out.
He didn’t let the secret frustrations keep him from his destiny.
A friend asked John about his difficulties.
I don’t understand it all but his mercy endures forever.
Those were his last words.
He had a heart attack and went home to be with the Lord.
Even if it never changes decide to keep believing and die in faith.

This is what 3 teens did in scripture.
Refused to bow down to idol.
Even if he doesn’t-
Believe for God to change it.
But also say even if it doesn’t happen my way I’ll still give You praise.
Don’t let secret frustrations keep you from your destiny.
Don’t try to figure it out.
Trust Him.


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