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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Following are my notes from the message delivered by Pastor Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas on Sat 5/17/14. I am not affiliated with Joel Osteen Ministries. These are my personal notes, not an exact transcript.

Key Scripture: Hebrews 11

Scripture says God already blessed us.Already approved and accepted.
There are blessings with your name on them.
Good breaks, businesses, blessings…
The question is “When will you go get what’s already yours?”.

Alexandra (Joel's daughter) said “I need money to go to the movies and eat”.
Joel said go and get it.
But she’d already gotten it; knowing he’d say yes.
God has already said yes to you.
Have the boldness to go get what’s already yours.
It blessed Joel to know his daughter knew he wanted to be good to her.
What if we had the same confidence God wants to be good to us?
Psalmist said God crowned you with favor. [Psalm 5:12]
Carry yourself like a queen/king.
Know you’re one of a kind.
God has already said yes.
Get rid of the defeated mentality.
When you have boldness to go get what’s yours you’ll step into another level of your destiny.
In your mother’s womb I already accepted and approved of you.
The good news is God already approved you.
Quit working for something you already have.
When He created you he looked at you and said that was good.
Don’t be insecure and intimidated.
If people don’t want to be your friend let them go.
There’s freedom when you realize you’re not waiting for it – you’re already approved.
The Creator of the universe has already blessed me.
You may not feel blessed.
Your checking account may not look blessed.
You’ve got to believe it then you’ll see it.
Declare I am blessed.
I am prosperous.
I am the head and not the tail.
That activates the blessing.
Hold your head up high.
Walk with confidence.
You’re royalty.
Destined to reign.
Go get your healing, dreams, abundance, and victory with your name on it.
You don’t have to pray for what you already have.
Just start acting like it's true.
Joel doesn’t beg for the anointing.
He thanks God for it.
Get into agreement with God.
God says you are blessed.
Not going to be – you’re already blessed.
God told the Israelites “How long will you wait to take possession of the land I promised you?” [Joshua 18:3]
How long area you going to wait before putting on your crown of favor?
It’s your time, it’s your moment.
Joel said wake up the mighty men and women. [Joel 3:9]
Go get what’s yours.
God put dreams in your heart.
Spoke promises to you.
May seem unlikely.
God has the connections you don’t.
Your name is already on a book, movie, charity, etc..
David said God has blessings stored up for those who love the Lord.
Don’t leave them in storage.
Believe that you’re highly favored.
Abraham had to do this.
20 years before the child came God said I have made you father of nations.
God said it in the past tense.
Abraham chose to believe instead of talking himself out of it.
God calls you prosperous.
Don’t check your bank statement – agree with God.
God said I’m restoring health – you will live and not die.
Agree with God so He can release stored blessings.
All of God’s promises are yes and Amen.
The Yes alone is not enough.
Add the amen to it.
The amen is – be it unto me.
It has to become personal and take root in your spirit.
It’s one thing to know God can heal and another to say I am healed.
I am a masterpiece.
God says yes.
He’s waiting for your amen.
Abraham got into agreement with God and some 20 years later it came to pass.
We settle, and get discouraged…
Pastor John used to imagine a warehouse full of boxes.
Each box has a name on it.
St. Peter says these are unclaimed blessings.
When you arise with boldness; God I know You love me, I know You want to be good to me.
Thank You that I’m debt free.
Thank You for giving me the desires of my heart.
It’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.
Sometimes a religious spirit makes us think we can ask for too much.
You’re not inconveniencing God by asking for big things.
God created you to excel.
To create a new standard for your family.
Get rid of little dreams and little goals.
He’s not limited by your background.
He’s limited by your faith.
Enlarge your vision.
Make room for God to do something new.
You’ll see an abundance of God’s goodness.
It’s going to be Ephesians 3:20.
Joel this sounds good but God has bigger things than my dreams.
You are God’s big dream.
The apple of His eye.
He breathed his life into you.
You are royalty.
Destined to leave your mark on this generation.
It’s already yours.
Stir your faith up.
Believe bigger.
Declare his favor.
It may not have happened in the past but it can happen in the future.
When you believe new doors open.
When you believe all things are possible.
A $100 bill is no good by itself.
But if I take it to the store I can exchange it for what I want.
Legal tender.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.
Faith is the currency of heaven.
The substance I need for God’s exchange is faith.
Abraham believed and it was accounted to him as righteousness.
Abraham wasn’t perfect.
Abraham believed.
He had faith.
God exchanged his faith for God’s righteousness.
When you have faith you’re connected to the hands that rule the world.
When you have faith God can take you where you can’t go on your own.
God I believe what you promised.
God says alright you’ve got the faith let Me make sure it happens.
God I believe You can give me the building I need.
Nothing is too hard for You.
Alright let Me open up doors for you.
Faith is what you need to exchange for God’s goodness.
Without faith it’s impossible to please God.
God is longing to be good to you.
You have to be looking for God’s goodness.
Jesus said according to your faith it will be done for you. [Matthew 9:29]
You’re trading your faith – the currency of heaven – for God’s goodness.
Too often we go to God with our doubts.
I work by faith.
That’s the substance I need to work.
God I know with You all things are possible.
I know You can open doors no man can shut.
I know You have blessings stored up for me.
A couple was believing to have a baby.
They were discouraged and ready to give up.
Stay in agreement with God.
Remind God of what He said.
Maybe you’re in a legal situation that doesn’t look good.
Lord You said when the enemy comes against me one way You’ll cause them to flee…
Several years ago Joel spoke on this and mentioned a baby with your name on it.
A couple was about to accept the fact that they wouldn’t have a baby.
They grabbed a hold of that word.
Got a call offering an adoption.
Dream they had of a blue-eyed, blond baby boy came to pass.
Go after what already belongs to you.
I don’t want to be greedy but I want everything with my name on it.
A beautiful debt free house belongs to you.
What if we went to God with the currency of heaven, knowing that He loves us?
That puts a smile on God’s face.
I’m asking you to stir your faith up.
Put on the crown of favor.
God says yes – he’s waiting for your amen.
Get ready; you’ll see God’s goodness in a new way.
You’ll step into the fullness of your destiny in Jesus’ name.

The message reminded me of this great song: It's Already Done


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