If we can encourage others, we should encourage them. Romans 12:8

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014 at Lakewood Church
Key Scripture: Proverbs 11:25
Many people are praying for a miracle.
Lord send a friend.
I need help with these children.
I need a break.
Realize we can become a miracle.
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God has only our voice, arms, hands.
God brings people across our path so we can be the answer to their prayers.
Somebody is praying for a friend.
You can be that friend.
Somebody got a bad medical report.
They’re worried, praying God send a sign.
You’re that sign.
A simple call “I’m thinking about you.”
Someone is discouraged.
I don’t understand this subject, I can’t pass this course.
Take time to become that miracle.
People aren’t in your life by accident.
God put them there.
Life is rewarding when you realize you can be a miracle.
Paul is in Africa.
He’s a surgeon operating on less fortunate in the middle of nowhere.
Dr. Paul Osteen
Small tin clinic with very limited resources.
Only one doctor.
Young man came in middle of night gored by elephant tusk.
But there was no blood in blood supply.
Paul could’ve let it go.
Paul gave his own blood, operated on the young man, then replenished the lost blood with his blood.
Paul could’ve prayed for a miracle but he realized he was the miracle.
God put a miracle in you.
You could be the big break someone needs.
It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as saving a life.
Could be helping a neighbor struggling with rent.
Taking young man to baseball practice with your son.
It’s what will push them to their destiny.
What if we all had attitude, “I am the miracle waiting to happen.”?
See who’s in your life.
How can you help?
Can you put in a good word at the office?
Do they need a dress and you have several?
Are they alone with no family in town and you could invite them to spend time with your family?
Those are opportunities to become a miracle.
Joel’s friend grew up in projects in unstable home.
He wanted to be journalist.
He got scholarship to major university.
It was mostly white and he was African American.
Became great friends with roommate.
Roommate said journalists need better vocabulary.
Taught him one new word daily, everyday for 4 years.
He became a miracle.
Today the man is a top newscaster on major network.
But where would he be if his roommate hadn’t taken the time?
Joel I came here because I want a miracle.
If you take the time to become a miracle, God will make sure you always have all the miracles you need.
As long as you’re sowing seeds the right people will be in your future.
Proverbs 11:25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
If you need a miracle – become a miracle.
The seeds you sow will always come back to you.
Joel met 2 ladies after service.
Before Lakewood church moved older lady didn’t think she could keep coming.
She was a widow who didn’t drive on the freeways.
Younger woman was a stranger who overheard and offered to take her every week.
Lived 30 min away.
Could’ve said, no I’m busy, gas is high.
But every Sunday she brings her to church.
Older lady said “she’s my miracle”.
You can’t help everyone but you can help someone.
Your destiny is connected to helping others.
As you help them rise higher then you will rise higher.
As you meet their needs God will meet your needs.
The opposite is also true.
If we’re too busy to help someone else we won’t have the help we need.
If we’re too caught up in our dreams and needs we won’t get ours met.
It’s like a boomerang – it always comes back to you.
Parable in Luke 10 (Good Samaritan)
The Good Samaritan
Man was badly beaten on road.
First two men saw the man in need but didn’t help.
3rd man also recognized the man needed a miracle, but he took it one step further.
He became a miracle.
He knew God put him on his path on purpose.
I can give him a new beginning.
Samaritan cared for him.
Held him mile after mile to nearest city.
Paid hotel owner.
Which man are you?
It’s easy to get so busy and say I don’t have time to help others.
Those you see that need encouragement are opportunities to go to a higher level.
1st example Jesus used was a priest.
He had to get to the temple for religious duties.
He might get his white robe dirty.
True religion gets dirty.
It goes to where the needs are.
When you go down low to help others you are lifted in God’s eyes.
There’s nothing closer to God’s heart than helping hurting people.
True religion doesn’t judge people to see if they deserve our help.
Doesn’t say, “Well they brought the trouble on themselves.”
It’s the sick who need a doctor not the healthy.
Anybody can find fault.
And come up with excuses to pass on by.
Where are the people who will get down dirty and love people back to wholeness?
Don’t be passersby, too busy with church work.
Let’s become the miracle.
You can lift the fallen.
You can help a dream come to pass.
A friend Tammy Trent is a popular country singer.
Went to tropical island to celebrate 11th anniversary.
Husband a skilled diver who went diving.
He never came back from diving.
Authorities searched but he drowned.
Tammy was in shock, devastated, in a foreign country all alone.
Parents arranged to come next day but the next day was 9/11.
No planes went out.
She prayed to God for help.
A knock on door.
Older Jamaican housekeeper said she heard her crying.
Can I pray with you?
She put her loving arms around her and held her like she was her own daughter.
Tammy was comforted.
The housekeeper took time to be a healer.
She knew she is hear on earth to wipe away the tears.
She became a miracle.
Scripture says one day God will wipe away all tears.
In the meanwhile He wants us to do it.
Are you helping somebody?
We come to church to be encouraged but our real assignment begins when we leave the building.
Look around and see who needs help.
Hear them with your heart.
You see when somebody’s down.
Years ago Joel was in a restaurant and saw man alone.
When their eyes met Joel felt compassion and knew he was supposed to encourage him.
Man was dressed well as if well to do.
Joel told himself “He’s fine, he doesn’t need help”
Joel tried to put off but greeted him at end.
Man said things are rough.
Joel said I know things will get better.
A few months later Joel got letter.
The man was going thru divorce and at the lowest point in his life.
That word gave him his fire back.
Joel didn’t say anything profound.
He took time to show that he cared.
What may seem ordinary to us becomes extraordinary when God breathes on it.
That can be the spark that brings them back to life.
1995 Woman gave birth to twin girls prematurely.
One was very sick, heart problem – not expected to live.
Hospital policy was to keep them apart in separate incubators.
One baby was close to death.
Nurse petitioned to get the babies together.
Finally put in same incubator.
Overnight the healthy baby put her arm around her little sick sister.
The Rescuing Hug
The sick baby’s health improved.
Both are perfectly healthy today.
The rescuing hug.
We don’t always see how powerful we really are.
God has put healing in you.
Your hugs can cause people to get better.
Your kind words can put people back on their feet.
The scripture says a gentle tongue brings healing. [Proverbs 15:4]
There are miracles in you waiting to happen.
Some people just need to know that you believe in them.
It can be life giving.
Moses was on big hill watching battle. [Exodus 17]
As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.
Got tired.
His friends Aaron & Hur held his arms up.
They became the miracle and the Israelites won.
There are people God put in our path that we are supposed to hold up.
Meghan Vogel
Don’t miss the opportunity.Do like Aaron and Hur.
On news Meghan Vogel was junior in HS - track star.
Near finishing line another girl wobbled and fell.
Meghan stopped and picked her up and helped her to the finish line.
The people in the stands cheered.
At the finishing line Meghan let her opponent cross the line first.
State made exception and gave them both a finishing time.
It’s great to receive a miracle, but there’s no greater feeling than becoming a miracle.
Who are you carrying?
Who are you lifting up?
Your destiny is connected to helping others.
Isaiah 58:7-8: When you feed the hungry…then your light will break forth like the dawn.
You are the answer to somebody’s prayer.
You can help a friend cross the finishing line.
If you’ll live focused on how you can become a miracle, your light will break forth like the dawn.

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